Unifi Cloud Controller Hosting

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We provide a private hosted Unifi controller saving you the hassle of hosting it yourself!


Private Hosted Unifi Controller for only $15/month

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**We install the current "General Availability" release of the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller Software

Nightly Backups

We backup your controller configuration and data to a encrypted offsite backup location.

OS & Infrastructure Support

We will provide OS and infrastructure level support.

Private Controller

Your controller is hosted on a private server that is not shared with other customers.

Basic Unifi Support

We will provide basic Unifi controller support to get you up and running quickly.

Peter S:

"Thanks for the wonderful Unifi controller hosting service and we appreciate the quick but detailed answers to all of our questions."

Technical Advice

Disable Automatic Firmware Upgrades

We recommend that you disable automatic AP firmware updates for each site on your Cloud Hosted Unifi Controller. Be careful as this is a site level setting, so you must disable it for each site when using the multi-site capability. You can find the setting for your site by clicking on the “Settings” link in […]

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