Unifi Cloud Controller Service

Private Hosted Controller

| $15/month.
- We provide you a private hosted Unifi controller
- You will be provided with “Super Admin” access credentials
- We will provide OS and infrastructure level support
- Nightly backups
- Unifi controller software issues will still be supported directly by Ubiqiti

**We are currently using version 3.1.10-RC of the Controller Software (we will revert to stable releases once version 3 comes out of beta)

Shared Controller Hosting

| **Not Available at this time**
Unfortunately, Ubiquiti Networks has no current plans to provide “Site Admins” the ability to adopt AP’s into sites for the version 3 controller software. This limitation on “Site Admins” is preventing us from providing a cloud hosted service that provides a shared cloud controller service for customers.(i.e. Each customer would be a “Site Admin” on a shared cloud controller) If this decision by Ubiquiti changes in the future and the ability for “Site Admins” to adopt access points is allowed, we will provide a shared cloud controller service at that time. You can vote for this feature to be added to the product roadmap using this feature request thread:


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*** Please note, you will be provided with Unifi controller version 3.1.10-RC which is still in beta at this time.